Pomodoro Timer for Google Calendar guide

Drag to start a Pomodoro timer

After installing the extension, you will see a small sticky block, similar to the one in this video. Drag it to your event to start a Pomodoro timer.

  • Open Google Calendar: Navigate to your Google Calendar.
  • Locate the Sticky Block: Find the FocusCommit sticky block on your calendar interface.
  • Drag to Event: Drag and drop the sticky block onto the event you wish to use the Pomodoro timer for.

Explore Detailed Statistics & Enhance Your Productivity

Our extension offers in-depth statistics to help you understand and improve your productivity.

  • Access Your Statistics: Click on the ‘Report’ tab in the FocusCommit extension interface.
  • Analyze Your Data: View comprehensive data on your Pomodoro sessions, including task distribution, time spent, and productivity trends.
  • Optimize Your Workflow: Use these insights to identify patterns, make informed adjustments, and boost your efficiency.

Customizable Pomodoro timer

Tailor the Pomodoro timer settings to fit your work style and preferences.

  • Open Settings: Navigate to the ‘Settings’ tab in the FocusCommit extension.
  • Adjust Timer Durations: Set the duration for work sessions, short breaks, and long breaks.
  • Save Settings: Click ‘Save’ to apply your customized settings.