How the Pomodoro Technique helps a video producer

Hello! What’s your background, and what are you working on?

I am a freelance Video producer. I’m produce, shoot, and edit. I’m currently working on an online education resources for educatiors. The project is part of a lab at MIT.

How does this technique boost your productivity?

Love it. Even thought I work freelance – often working from home – I am personally bad at staying focused and on task. This app both helps me keep track of tasks that I’m currently working on and tasks that will be comming up, but the 25 min of work with 5 mins of breaks GREATLY improves my productivity.

Why are you using this technique?

Because I have a very bad habbit of procrastonating. Like VERY bad. Using this technique has regularly doubled or even trippled my productivity.

What are your difficulities to keep using this technique?

I can still ignore the time, also I often go over the time – in both directions. I sometimes am in a groove and I work past the 25 min – I wish it would keep track of this.

What are you supposed to do in short breaks and long breaks?

I walk away from my computer, I sit on a near by couch, and I read. I LOVE this. As a side effect, I have been plowing through books! Awesome unintended concequence!!

Photo by Victor Hughes on Unsplash