How to use FocusCommit as a Getting Things Done (GTD) System?

GTD establishes a work flow that allows you to easily and intuitively manage all the elements of your personal productivity.

1. Capture everything that catches your attention.

2. Clarify what each thing is and what you’re doing with it.

3. Organize the results correctly.

4. Review your system regularly.

5. Do the right thing at all times.

Click on a task to set a due date

Depends on the due date, it will falls on one of these category :

  Today : this is the list for to-dos that you want to start before the day ends. They’re your priorities. Task in today will auto move to next day

  Upcoming : If the item needs to be done at a specific date and/or time, give the task a due date. When you set a due date, it will display in this tab

  Someday : This is the incubator. Here you should put the stuff that is not important now, but you want to revisit in the future.

  Logbook : when you complete a to-do, it will moves to your Logbook.