Pomodoro timer for zBuyer

If your company is using zBuyer as your lead management tool and you want to track the time you spend on your zBuyer tasks using the Pomodoro technique , you can achieve it by following this guide:

start a pomodoro timer with Trello card

Here’s what you’ll need to get started:

How to get FocusCommit API Key

  1. Click on the [Settings] menu

Get Focus Commit API Key

2. Click on the [Generate API Key] button

Generate Focus Commit API Key

3. Copy the API Key, and save it somewhere

Get Focus Commit API Key

Connect zBuyer to Focus Commit using Zapier

Now every time you add a new task in zBuyer, it will be added to Focus Commit automatically. Then you can start a Pomodoro timer as normal

Start pomodoro timer zBuyer Start pomodoro timer zBuyer