Do The 5 Minutes Break Flow State?

Do The 5 Minutes Break Flow State? There is a lot of talk about the 5-minute break flow state. Does it actually exist? Some people seem to think so, and there are even apps designed to help you achieve it. But does this short burst of productivity actually work, or is it just a myth?

So, after learning about the Pomodoro Technique, you may wonder if it is truly beneficial. Pomodoro sessions include a 5-minute break, which can disrupt your workflow. Consider a writer as an example. He or she is currently under great pressure to meet a work deadline.

The submission of their compositions is nearer than ever, yet ideas are still lacking. On his/her working desk for days and days, he/she finally comes up with some fantastic ideas and starts writing instantly. Luckily, he/she had just read an article about the Pomodoro technique the day before. Then he/she is eager to put the method to the test. Surprisingly, it works. He/she finished his/her papers 3 days before the deadline and was recognized for his/her great job.

Do The 5 Minutes Break Flow State?

How our bodies and minds work

How our bodies and minds work

Several reliable scientific studies show that our body and brain work in a predictable manner. Humans, unlike machines, cannot operate nonstop, day or night. We must rest. After putting in all your effort and energy into duties, all you need to do is relax and decompress. So, your body is attempting to tell you to take breaks. Your brain would remind you that your complete focus and energy require a rest.

We don’t want to lose our line of thought. We are deeply pondering it and find it difficult and superfluous to take a break. This is a bad habit. We normally disregard the brain’s signal by drinking a coffee cup or simply ignoring it and working hard to accomplish the task. As a result, we may experience severe symptoms or disorders such as weariness and burnout.

That leads to unconsciousness, which reduces productivity. Some may have regretted not resting on a hospital bed. This means that clearly separating our working and sleeping time would be incredibly advantageous to us and thus speed up our work.

Taking small breaks between work would naturally increase our stamina, endurance, and willpower. So it helps us achieve more than we expected. According to The Energy Project‘s founder, Tony Schwartz, 90 minutes is a normal length of time.

During this time, our bodies and minds gradually become exhausted. But, like any cloud, Schwartz sees a silver lining. He takes short breaks between working periods to maximize his productivity and streamline his workflow. He does this several times to see where it leads. He calls it “pulse and pause.” His interval is 90 minutes. Others may differ somewhat in duration, but all share the same feature: Each interval would terminate with a break.

Maintaining the process flow would raise our productivity and performance. Keep in mind that working long hours at a time causes severe symptoms. Taking a little pause in between will help us maintain our body cycle and so achieve more.

Pomodoro encourages creativity.

Our brain must emit substances and perform activities that are scientifically confirmed in order to work efficiently. The prefrontal cortex is the most active brain area of creative workers. It is responsible for decision making, critical thinking, focus, etc. So, the brain is a machine that requires periodic maintenance.

Those who need to think creatively and consistently, such writers or composers, have been reported frequently. They cause extreme exhaustion and possibly death. Their brains have raced to meet deadlines or just to survive because they cannot generate money if they do not come up with anything. Even the best gadget need recharging electricity or energy to continue working. Our mind is the same.

The breaks between Pomodoro sessions function as a replenishing process, recharging our minds with energy and passion. So we may be creative again with fresh viable answers, avoiding willpower fatigue and so enhancing productivity.

The time constraint sharpens our motivation to finish the activity, and we anticipate the rewards when the breaks come. That means no Facebooking or viewing YouTube videos, squandering time and leaving the duty incomplete.

YouTube video

Things to do during Pomodoro breaks

So, the big question is: How can we optimize our potential, productivity, and creativity during breaks? There are a few things you should look into to get such positive outcomes. Remember that a break means no job could be found. You need to rest and unwind as much as possible. Relaxation is required for real work. Here are some ideas:

  • No working should be prioritized.
  • You probably sit for a long time while working, which prevents you from thinking creatively. So get up, stretch, and move about to make your body more flexible. You may go for a walk or run. Surprisingly, this would help you work.
  • It would be nice to listen to music. Your musical preferences would be perfect. Your emotional state will improve, and your mood will improve. Some short comedy or sitcoms would also be great. Ultimately, laughter is the best medicine.
  • Try meditating. It would keep you healthy and happy. The best technique is to stay calm in the face of the storm.
  • A cup of coffee is also advised. But too much coffee can cause problems like insomnia.
  • Have a peaceful online or offline conversation with friends or colleagues. They would make you giggle or just be yourself, allowing you to relax and unwind, reducing stress and fatigue.

Modifications for a longer pause would be even more desirable:

  • Eat. If it’s midday, get a lunch. It will literally satisfy your hunger and re-energize you.
  • Nap. No one would doubt a short nap. This is a traditional approach to re-energize.
  • Exercices advanced Aside from walking, you may try some push-ups or pull-ups, or perform a few minutes of plank to energize yourself.
  • Work your eyes. You may have stared at the computer screen for too long, causing sleepiness. Open your window. The outdoors will be a great area to look. Trying to stare further will likely wake up your eyes. No smartphones during this era.

Finally, breaks assist increase productivity. If you do it correctly, you may be astonished. The Pomodoro Technique has helped many people who are overworked. Try to include this strategy into your regular routine and enjoy your improvement.

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